Phil Dickson's Wellington

My book "Phil Dickson’s Wellington" was launched on 20th August 2014 by the Honourable Annette King at the CQ Hotel in Cuba Street, Wellington.

It is an art book that takes you on an exciting journey around Wellington where you can explore all the beauty of the surrounding hills and valleys, the streams and the natural environment.

By international standards Wellington is not a large city, yet it contains all that would be expected of an important national capital. The appeal of Wellington lies in its compactness. The topography and its harbour are assets to be treasured.

Spared the outlook of endless urban or suburban views that are the norm of so many other large cities, Wellingtonians can enjoy the wonderful backdrop of their hills and harbour from most residences and commercial locations. Opportunities for the adventurer are never far away.

My paintings reflect my love of my home city and I invite you on a voyage of self-discovery in and around the city and further afield in the nearby forest parks.

Phil Dickson

Published by Grantham House

Format: 210mm (depth) x 260mm (width), 96 pages landscape format
83 paintings and drawings, three maps.
Case bound, laminated jacket

ISBN: 978-1-86934-123-7
Bar Code: 9781869341237

This book can be purchased online from:
"Phil Dickson’s Wellington" is also available in bookshops and retails for $45.

Karori and its people

Karori and its people by the Karori Historical Society in association with Steele Roberts Aotearoa 2011.

This book traces Karori’s transition from its beginnings as a rural outpost in the 1840s, through to the thriving community it is today — one of New Zealand’s largest and most significant suburbs.

Karori and its People covers:
•Landscape & natural environment • Access • Settlement, growth & population • The town centre — heart of the suburb • Residential • Governance • Education • Business • Religion • Heritage in the cemetery • Military • Sport & recreation • Health & sanitation • Community & social services • Karori people, and more, with the common thread the people who have made the suburb their home.

ISBN: 9781877577291
SKU: 65423

Dust jacket: Historic street view painting by Phil Dickson.

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