Years Past & Vintage Transport

Paintings in this Gallery represent scenes from the past, especially streets around Wellington in years gone by. Most of the views feature road or rail transport or trams and fashions of their time. Other subjects in this gallery include vintage vehicles found at classic car runs or field days and shows. Scenes from the Past are frequently used to illustrate stories, texts and books of historic interest, usually by reproducing early photographs. Photographs from periods earlier than the mid 20th Century are invariably in black and white and are often quite static.

If you have a need to represent a view, or views of the past and old photographs just don't complete the picture, I can use the old photos together with other reference material to bring the scene to life, rearranging the subjects within the scene such as people and traffic to represent the moment of time. To discuss your ideas and needs to illustrate scenes from the past, please contact me.
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